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What Is the End of the Battle Game Process? There are several ways to end the game, the first, as you have to follow that. The fellowships have captured the Mordor as before the evil of Sauron characters is enter that region. As before the followership, pg wallet the Sauron or evil character occurred. The Sauron will face the victor of the game. The other way is that when the Sauron player defeated the Frodo, or the Sauron of three characters enters into the shire, the victory goes to the evil of the Sauron player. As not following above does make the victory point either player, as this point may show, who is the victor of the game if any character does not have a chance to move or attack the opponent, where the opponent has the chance. The chance-holding player is a voice out to be the winner of the game. It is a step to end up the game.
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